A fun, flexible and free award-winning app for women entrepreneurs

Currently available in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana. Download it and start unlocking your business potential today.


HerVenture is a fun, flexible and free award-winning mobile learning app that helps you access the knowledge, skills and confidence to transform your business.

The app offers bite-size learning on topics like launching a business, managing finances, accessing markets and e-commerce in easy and engaging formats to give you an edge in business. It’s every woman entrepreneur’s favourite app to take her business to the next level.

The app suggests a personalised learning roadmap for each entrepreneur. It allows you to learn on the go, at your own pace and convenience, and fits into your busy life easily. It can also be accessed offline. Through HerVenture, you can connect with other women entrepreneurs and find out about local business events.

HerVenture is making thousands of women across the world better off by unlocking their potential as successful entrepreneurs, with 94% of users saying they will apply the app’s teachings to their business.

HerVenture is available in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana. Download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store for free and start your learning journey today.


HerVenture is full of features to help you succeed in business.


Easy-to-understand bite-size lessons that you can easily swipe through.


A range of fun, interactive activities to help you learn.

Learn Offline

Develop your skills and learn offline.


Connect with entrepreneurs in your industry or area and succeed together.


Achieve tokens, progress through levels and unlock rewards.


Ask questions to deepen your learning and understanding.


Take a closer look at HerVenture content.


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Users in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Guyana can now download HerVenture for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.

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Partners and Donors

HerVenture is an innovation of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and made possible by our fantastic partners and donors.